About Jialian

Founded in 1980, JIALIAN DEVELOPMENT GROUP has been specialized in the research  and development for a series of enzyme products, Natural Healing, Nutritional Supplement and Health Food. We undertake to do the  research, production, training and marketing all in-house to ensure first class product and service. Our sales network covers China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan markets.



We work in close connection with major research centers in USA, Organic institutions, Taiwan Cancer Prevention Centers. We also collaborate with Beijing Oriental Medical Science Institute, Taiwan Organic Research & Development to supply a wide variety of  pure natural Enzyme products.


Product Guarantee

Our enzyme products contain more than a hundred kinds of local vegetables and fruits from the fruit kingdom, Taiwan. The product was brewed in a tradition way and controlled by modern technology. In order to meet all the needs of our customers, we do our best to research and develop many kinds of safe, efficient, cutting-edge natural green organic nutrition food.

Jialian Products